Gluconic Acid 50%

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Gluconic Acid 50% is composed of an equilibrium between the free acid and the two lactones. This equilibrium is affected by the mixture’s concentration and temperature. A high concentration of the delta-lactone will favor the equilibrium to shift to the formation of gamma-lactone and vice versa. A low temperature favors formation of glucono-delta-lactone while high temperatures will increase formation of glucono-gamma-lactone. Under normal conditions, Gluconic Acid 50% exhibits a stable equilibrium contributing to its clear to light yellow color with low level corrosiveness and toxicity.

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Bakery goods: as a leavening acid in leavening agent to increase dough volume by producing gas by the reaction with baking soda.
Dairy products: as a chelating agent and prevent milkstone.
Some food and beverage: as an acidity regulator to impart a mild organic acid and adjust pH level and also as a preservative and an antifungal agent. Also, it can be used to clean aluminium cans.
Animal Nutrition
Gluconic acid functions as a weak acid in piglet feed, poultry feed and aquaculture to comfort digestive and promote growth, also to increase the production of butyric acid and SCFA (Short-chain fatty acid).
It can be used as a chelating and perfuming agent in cosmetic and personal care products.
The power of chelating heavy metals is stronger than that of EDTA, such as the chelation of calcium, iron, copper, and aluminium in alkaline conditions. This property can be utilized in detergents, electroplating, textiles and so on.


Product Specification

Item Standard
Appearance yellowish transparent liquid
Chloride,% ≤0.2%
Sulphate,ppm ≤3.0ppm
Lead,% ≤0.05%
Arsenic,% ≤1.0%
Reducing Substances,% ≤0.5%
Assay,% 50.0-52.0%
Heavy Metal,ppm ≤10ppm
Pb ,ppm ≤1.0ppm

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