Modified Starch Factory Used Waxy Corn Starch

Short Description:

Production capacity: 700,000 tons/year

Product Profile

Product Name: Waxy Corn starch

Other Names: Waxy Maize starch

Appearance: White powder

CAS No.: 9005-25-8

Molecular formula: (C6H10O5)n

Product Detail

Product Tags


Food industry

1) Waxy corn starch is widely used in producing vermicelli, meat products, ham sausage, ice cream, fudge, crisp food, candy, etc.
2) Widely used as coagulator in pudding, jelly and other foods.
3) Used as thickener Chinese dishes and French foods.
4) Waxy corn starch is widely used as food thickener for various foods.
5) Waxy corn starch is widely used to producte modified starch for foods.



1) Corn starch is used as surface sizing agent in papermaking industry.
2) Corn starch is used as pulp material of warp sizing in textile industry.
3) In construction industry, corn starch is widely used as thickener and adhesive in coating.
4) Used in producing adhesive, such as paper adhesive, wood adhesive, carton adhesive, etc. It has the advantages of no corrosion, high strength, good moisture-proof, etc.
5) Used to produce environmental protection products, such as degradable plastics, plastic film, disposable degradable tableware, etc.
6) Used in mineral wool sound-absorbing board used as binder in production.
7) Used as inhibitor in ore flotation plant, such as inhibitor of iron oxide in the cationic reverse flotation of itabirite ore, the gangue inhibitor in the anion flotation of phosphate ore, the gangue inhibitor in the flotation of sylvinite.

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