Supported by scientific and technological talents, driven by scientific research and innovation! Fuyang Bio: The value-added of the 5-level product chain is nearly 15 times

On 17th,May, the reporter walked into Shandong Fuyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the machines in the workshop roared, and the workers were busy and orderly.

“Currently, the company’s corn deep processing volume is 1 million tons, and the conversion rate of corn deep processing products is 99.5%. The product chain is deepened to five levels, reaching more than 40 varieties, from 2,900 yuan per ton of corn to about 45,000 yuan per ton of downstream products, and the value-added is nearly 15 times. The output value of the company in 2009 was less than 100 million yuan, and this year’s estimated output value is 4 billion yuan.” Zhang Leda, chairman and general manager of Fuyang Bio, introduced that since the modified starch project was put into operation 10 years ago, allulose, glucosamine, etc.9 A key project has been implemented, and the company’s output value has jumped along with the sweetness of the product.

The good benefits are due to the fact that the company always insists on putting technological innovation in the first place. The company attaches great importance to scientific research talents, and carries out technical exchanges and cooperation through multiple channels, and many technologies are internationally leading. “When we make a budget every year, we use 3.4% of the previous year’s sales revenue for research and development. In fact, our annual investment in scientific research is much higher than this ratio.” Zhang Leda said.
Enterprise research and development needs to be willing to spend money, but also to spend the right money. Fuyang Biology is a senior expert who keeps an eye on the “spire” of the industry innovation system, and has introduced 15 experts and scholars including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yang Shengli and Shen Yinchu, as the “science and technology mentor” of the company’s innovation and development, injecting strong impetus into research and development .

In 2016, the company took the lead in establishing the Biomanufacturing Engineering Research Institute in the province, which is also the first registered provincial-level private research institution in Texas. In 2019, the Fuyang Biological Research and Innovation Center was established, and carried out in-depth multi-field cooperative research and development with domestic and overseas research institutes, experts and scholars to ensure that at least 1 to 2 scientific research projects are transformed into products every year. In 2021, the company’s Shanghai New Product Application R&D Center will be established, focusing on tackling the world’s top technologies such as “synthetic biology and molecular biology”, ensuring that the company will always be at the forefront of the industry in the next 5 to 10 years.
Fuyang Bio is the main chain enterprise of the agricultural and sideline products deep processing industry chain in Pingyuan County. Last year, the company cooperated with Shanghai Deret to build a high-end starch and deep processing project. The Pingyuan County Party Committee and County Government fully supported and provided services. In just over 4 months, the main body of the first phase of the project has been basically completed. “The city has introduced many policies and measures to benefit enterprises, such as ’20 Opinions on a New Industrialized Strong City’ and ‘Double Top 50 Enterprise Support Policy’. The counterpart policies can be enjoyed without application, and the service enterprises are accurate and in place.” Zhang Leda said.

Post time: Jun-13-2022