Zhou Naixiang, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Visited Fuyang Bio-Tech.Co., Ltd. for Research and Guidance

news01_1On April 20, Zhou Naixiang, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, visited Fuyang Biotechnology for research and guidance. Walking into the company’s scientific research and innovation center, he has an in-depth understanding of the company’s production and operation, epidemic prevention and control, etc. In the company’s product exhibition hall, R&D center laboratory, product small test and pilot production line, he listens, walks, and looks at the details. Learn about the company’s scientific research innovation and talent team building. Zhou Naixiang fully affirmed the company’s development achievements over the years, especially for the company’s years of professional focus, deep ploughing in the field of corn deep processing, and taking the road of scientific research and innovation. At the same time, he encouraged the company to continue to increase investment in research and development, make good use of the first resource of talents, increase the introduction and cultivation of talents and talent teams, strengthen key core technology research, and continue to improve core competitiveness.


During the investigation process, the chairman of the company, Zhang Leda, gave a detailed introduction to the overall operation of the company to the investigation team.
In recent years, Fuyang Bio-Tech.Co., Ltd. has adhered to the support of scientific and technological talents, driven by scientific research and innovation, refined management and stable operation, and has realized the continuous deepening of the industry and the continuous improvement of product quality. healthy and leapfrog development.
In recent years, the company has practiced the marketing strategy of “product + solution + application service + value creation”, striving to provide the market with better products, more reasonable design solutions, and better application services, and continue to create greater value for customers , has won the unanimous recognition and trust of many high-end customers at home and abroad, and the global influence of Fuyang brand continues to increase.
During the investigation, Zhang Leda also introduced the overall operation of the company in the first quarter and the epidemic prevention and control situation to the investigation team.

Post time: Jun-06-2022