Company Culture


Stable Operation

Precise Management

Upgrade and Increment

Leapfrog Development

We will continue to focus on deep processing of corn, take biotechnology and life health industries as the principal line, and keep to extend the industrial chain. Adhere to steady operation, precise management, upgrade and increment, strengthen the support of scientific and technological talents and drive scientific research and innovation, promote standardization, process and specialization, practice the strategy of "high-end, quality and differentiation", and realize the leapfrog development of the enterprise.

Enterprise Spirit

Professional, Concentratious, Conscientious, Meticulous, Rigorous and Perfect

Work Style

Unity of thought, Unity and cooperation
Solid and efficient, Strong execution
Loyalty and dedication, Responsible and promising

Work Standard

Precise management, Numerical accuracy, Professional and profound, Exquisite products, Work diligently

Corporate Vision

We use science and technology to change corn and create a better life with corn

Corporate Mission

Employees are happier, Customer are satisfier, Life is better

Corporate Values

Sincerity and Honesty, Gratitude and Dedication,Realistic and Pragmatic, Perfection