Rare sugar expert announces breakthrough in sweetener industry

Tagatose has gained attention as a sweetener. But despite the health benefits of tagatose over sugar, its cost-effective production remains a challenge.
Bonumose has developed a process that uses cornstarch to replace lactose in milk, which can significantly reduce production costs by up to 80% (around $3/kg).
The company uses its proprietary enzymatic technology platform to convert abundant plant-based raw materials into rare sugars through three patented advances: an irreversible enzymatic reaction, a cheap and globally available starch raw material, and a continuous manufacturing process.
The company uses several enzymes in the synthetic cascade, and BRAIN Biotech uses enzyme engineering to optimize some of these enzymes.
Bonumose has developed a proprietary process for the production of tagatose and psicose (not yet approved for use in the EU) that eliminates several processing steps and greatly increases yield in the manufacturing process.
“The BRAIN Biotech Enzyme Technology Suite demonstrates once again that the complex protein engineering goals of customers can be achieved,” said Patrick Lorenz, Vice President of Life Sciences, Strategic Initiatives at BRAIN Biotech. improved individual enzymes and their combined performance of the combination to better meet the requirements of the production process. The ultimate goal is to make Bonumose’s beneficial rare sugars more profitable.”
According to Bonumose, tagatose is suitable for use in all beverages, including but not limited to: soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, dairy drinks, and non-dairy dairy alternatives. It also pairs well with stevia and other high-intensity sweeteners to balance sweetness onset and persistence, overcome bitterness, and improve mouthfeel.
“Tagatose and allulose are 92% and 70% sweeter than sucrose, but only 38% and 10% more calories,” says Ed Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Bonumose. from commercial carbohydrates Our development partner BRAIN Biotech has reached the third milestone of our collaboration, and with their expertise in enzyme engineering, analytics and enzyme analysis, we are well on our way to achieving our development goals.”
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