Strive to implement the guiding ideology of the second quarter work


Stable”, “Efficient”, “Conscientious”, “Breakthrough”
Since the implementation of Fuyang’s guiding ideology in the second quarter of 2022, every Fuyang person has been actively and orderly carrying out every work with the spirit of hard work and responsibility.

The first workshop of corn starch



The staff of the first starch workshop stick to their posts and work conscientiously, packaging, palletizing, loading and unloading, they work together, work efficiently, and do a good job in ensuring the production of the service market.




Orderly and efficient

All products continue to be produced at full capacity, and the loading process is orderly and efficient. The guiding ideology of the work in the second quarter is vividly reflected in them.

Workshop of sodium gluconate


Keep improving

The staff of the Portuguese sodium workshop use their own practical actions to interpret the thoughts that have been kept in their hearts. They are diligent and meticulous.

Steady and solid

The staff of the modified starch workshop are working in full swing, and the laboratory personnel are attentive. Everyone is nervous and efficient to ensure that the quality is fully up to standard.

The attentive and thoughtful service of the customer service department and the standardized process make great strides towards the construction of a standardized, process-based and professional system.

As a Fuyang person, keep in mind the guiding ideology of the work in the second quarter, firmly establish a sense of ownership, not forget the original intention, work hard, and comprehensively promote the work in the second quarter with practical actions, in order to create a “professional Fuyang”, “Innovative Fuyang” and “Quality Fuyang”. Yang” and “Energy Fuyang” contributed their own wisdom and efforts.
Kudos to every Fuyang person.

Post time: Jun-06-2022